Smart Land will contribute to the intelligent development of Southern Ecuador
Source: Zamora-Chinchipe Provincial Government Archive


Build a shared scientific multidisciplinary core of information in order for the knowledge to be reused and applied for development and wellbeing.

To create a multidisciplinary method of intelligent management of the area, which groups together the relevant information for the efficient use of academia and society..


To understand the territory in order to encourage innovation, development alternatives and positive impacts on the community.

Smart Land is an initiative that extends the concept of Smart Cites, with the aim of contributing to the smart growth of a given territory.

It aims to implement a monitoring, data collection and generation of predictive models platform in order to support decision making for intelligent land management, with an emphasis on the southern region of Ecuador..

The work packages in which the initiative is focused are:

  • Patrimonial, cultural, touristic and recreational assets.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.
  • Cartography and geomorphology.
  • Climate.
  • Education: indicators of quality and coverage.
  • Energy and telecommunications.
  • Infrastructure and transport.
  • Water resources and water quality. 
  • Public health.
  • Production systems, entrepreneurship, innovation and economic indicators.  
  • Society, human mobility and values. 
  • Sustainable biodiversity use.